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Kindergarten Tables

​O -Level

Singapore kindergartens are mainly opened for children aged 3-6, including

  • Nursery (3-4 years old)

  • K1 in the first grade of kindergarten (4-5 years old)

  • K2 in the second grade of kindergarten (5-6 years old)

There are three stages, five days a week, and most kindergartens offer early and afternoon classes.

The Immigration Department of Singapore stipulates that students in kindergarten and first grade of elementary school do not need to pass any tests and can directly apply for admission to government schools.

​O -Level

Why choose us

I have been engaged in kindergarten application business for many years, and solved the problems of student degree, student ID and parent accompany for many parents.

Singapore Government Kindergarten

We apply for Singapore government kindergartens for children, apply for government kindergarten degrees for children, apply for student ID cards, and apply for accompanying study permits.


Private kindergartens and international kindergartens

There are many excellent private and international kindergartens in Singapore. We have signed enrollment agreements in cooperation with most of these kindergartens to provide one-stop services for formal enrollment, student ID and escort pass. The specific details are as follows:


1. Introduction to Singapore Government Kindergarten Students and Accompanying Certificate

Children can apply to the government for a long-term student pass after they are admitted to the government kindergarten.

While the child is studying abroad, the mother/grandmother/grandmother can use the child's student ID to apply for the accompanying study permit, and stay with the child to take care of the child.

While taking care of their children, accompanying mothers can also improve their professional skills and lay a solid foundation for seeking a stable job. One year later, you can take care of your children while working, keeping pace with your children, and have a stable and long-term development in Singapore.

2. Application conditions

1. The child is between 3-6 years old.

2. Parents have a stable source of income

3. There is a deposit of more than RMB 150,000.

Three, matters needing attention

a. The escort card must be obtained after the student card is received, and the applicant can apply for it after entering Singapore.

b. During the application period, if the tourist visa expires, you can apply to the Immigration Department for extension.

c. You can work legally in Singapore one year after receiving the escort card.

There is no academic requirement when applying for a work pass, and there is a discount for foreign workers, that is, three local employees can hire two escort holders (usually 12 local employees can only hire one foreign employee).

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