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AEIS exam introduction

Singapore Government Primary and Secondary School International Student Entrance Examination


A living environment like a warm home, timely tracking of students' learning in school, system management of students' after-school study and regular feedback on their learning and living conditions.

Homestay services

  • Accommodation: Apartment/Villa

  • Accommodation package: Single room / Double room / Triple room

  • Food: Two meals a day, morning and evening, three meals on weekends and holidays.

  • Provide laundry, ironing, room cleaning services, including water and electricity network.

  • The living environment is quiet, spacious and bright, and the rooms are air-conditioned. You can choose a single room or a double room.

  • Regular holiday group activities, such as birthday parties, dinner parties, and outings.

  • Study management: 7.30-9.30 evening study management from Monday to Friday. The learning goals and plans will be formulated according to the student's situation.

  • Check vocabulary recitation, composition writing and other weekly learning requirements in order to achieve learning goals every week.

Educational hosting service

Focus on the long-term development of Singaporean international students. We systematically manage students' after-school study, help and promote students to adapt to the new life in the shortest possible time, and let students develop good independent study habits. Pay close attention to students' learning conditions inside and outside the school, and maintain close contact with parents, and provide timely feedback on students' life and learning status, so that parents can rest assured.


Different from China’s long-term and strictly-managed education system, Singapore focuses on cultivating children’s self-learning habits, so the school time is shorter and the self-allocated time after class is longer. This sudden change can easily make students loose and form bad life and study habits. Moreover, the foreign students who have just arrived in Singapore have a weak English foundation, which makes it more difficult to learn, and it is easy to lose confidence in learning. Therefore, a good after-school learning environment and systematic learning management are particularly important.

Xinzhijia solved this problem well and complemented with Singapore full-time schools to achieve the best educational effect.


Feedback reporting mechanism

Students under the trusteeship of Xinzhijia Education will automatically enter the feedback reporting mechanism. The administrator will regularly communicate with the teachers of the school where the students are located, combined with the performance of the training class, record the students' daily learning situation, and pay attention to the students' physical health and emotional changes. In order to communicate more effectively with the parents of students, we will send a feedback report (including attendance rate, monthly test results, homework completion, physical condition, etc.) to each parent every week. If parents have any questions, they can always contact our administrator teacher in Singapore.

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