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Singapore Private School Higher Education Program

Many students who want to study in Singapore have stopped wanting to study in Singapore’s three public universities because the entry threshold is too high, but there are many private universities in Singapore, many of which are comparable to some majors in public universities, and they are not comparable in all aspects. Public universities are inferior.


Advantages of private schools in Singapore


  • Private schools in Singapore are the stepping stone for public schools

In addition to college, undergraduate, and master courses, private schools in Singapore also offer preparatory courses from the Singapore Government College. Students can enter Singapore public schools to continue their studies through AEIS, O-level and A-level courses established by private schools.


  • Professional and practical

Singapore private universities not only have first-class teaching standards, but many Singapore private universities were established with the original intention of serving the economic development of Singapore, which gives Singapore private universities the characteristics of employment-determining majors.


  • A golden springboard for studying abroad in Europe and America

Many local schools have cooperated with foreign universities to run schools. The curriculum and teaching methods of many private universities are synchronized with European and American countries. Some universities in Singapore have also cooperated with European and American universities to establish dual courses, which can obtain European and American university certification. Some projects are Go directly to European and American countries to continue studying. Studying in Singapore is also equivalent to studying abroad in European and American countries.


  • Entrance threshold and cost are reduced

Low entry barriers and low school fees are also a major reason why domestic students prefer private universities in Singapore. Since students are required to study language before entering undergraduate courses, these universities can apply without an admission language, and there is a start time every month.

Postgraduates in private schools are generally one-year, and the tuition is about 100,000 yuan.

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