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​Xinzhijia AEIS training holiday course has started """

Xinzhijia AEIS (designed by the Ministry of Education of Singapore specifically for the admission of international primary and secondary school students to the Singapore public primary and secondary school entrance examination) examination training course is a teaching plan and curriculum that is carefully developed and arranged by Singapore Xinzhijia Education to meet the characteristics of domestic students. It is based on the latest The Singapore Ministry of Education exam syllabus, the teaching content fully meets the AEIS/S- AEIS exam question type requirements.

At the same time, Xinzhijia Education intimately provides a series of the most professional services from AEIS registration, overseas custody to escort and test delivery, helping domestic students and parents to solve enrollment problems, so that students can prepare for the exam with peace of mind and let parents rest assured.

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Holiday training program

Option A-Summer Class

Summer training program for students preparing for AEIS

Training periodtraining timetraining method


Basic segment March-June online and offline

(Domestic) (16 weeks)

Sprint section July-September Training Center

(Singapore) (Five days a week)

Option B-Winter Vacation Class

Winter vacation training program for students preparing for S-AEIS

Training periodtraining timetraining method


Basic segmentSeptember-December online and offline

(Domestic) (16 weeks)

Sprint segment January-February training center

(Singapore) (Five days a week)

Course advantages:

  • -Provide students with one-to-one courses, small classes and intensive weekends, etc

  • -Exclusive course arrangement, high-quality small class teaching, excellent experienced teachers, after-school tutoring supervision, feedback reporting mechanism, integrated overseas services

  • -Let students and parents make full use of the vacation time to study and understand the Singapore AEIS exam without affecting the students' domestic study arrangements

Overseas boarding services:

The supporting services provided are as follows:

  • -Breakfast and dinner are provided on study days, and three meals are provided on weekends

  • - Systematic learning management

  • -Sports or outdoor activities (or extra charge)

AEIS training course introduction

English reading and vocabulary

Through the study of example texts, to improve students' English reading speed, exercise students' ability to read questions and find key words and sentences, at the same time strengthen students' ability to analyze options and judge the correctness of options, and analyze the correct meaning of words in the article.

English writing and grammar

According to the exam syllabus, students of different grades will be trained accordingly, essays on different topics and different types of writing will be analyzed, skills of corresponding writing methods will be learned, and excellent sample essays will be explained and studied. Provide writing tutorials for time-limited writing exercises, and recite sentences or articles that help students write.


Strengthen and consolidate the understanding and application of basic concepts and knowledge points, master the English vocabulary and classic question types in mathematics, improve the reading ability, and improve the answering process and writing format. Provide mathematics tutorials and strengthen exercises for weak chapters.

New knowledge tutoring course model:

Small class courses: 3-6 people/class

Intensive course: 1-2 people/class

Training hours: 2 hours/session, 13 sessions in one period

Tutorial hours: 2 hours/session, 13 sessions in one period

Class time: Monday to Thursday (17:30-19:30 / 19:30-21:30)

Saturday and Sunday (10:30-12:30 / 13:30-15:30 / 15:30-17:30)

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