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The AEIS exam is an entrance examination for international students to enter government primary and secondary schools launched by the Ministry of Education of Singapore. Students who pass are uniformly assigned to the Singapore government primary and secondary schools by the Ministry of Education.Students who pass the exam will be admitted in January of the second year.

If the student fails to pass the AEIS exam that year, they can also register for the S-AEIS exam in February of the following year. Students who pass the exam will be transferred to the school in June of the following year.

Therefore, international students who want to enter Singapore government primary and secondary schools have twice a year to take exams.

The registration time for the AEIS exam is between July and August each year. The registration time for the S-AEIS exam is between December and January of the following year. The AEIS exam time is approximately between September and October each year. The S-AEIS exam time is approximately between the end of February and March.

Age requirements: Chinese students who are 7-16 years old on January 1st of the year that they register for the exam can register for the exam.

Exam subjects: English and mathematics.

Primary school exam duration: 120 minutes for English exam; 80 minutes for math exam.

Middle school exam time: 130 minutes for English exam; 75 minutes for math exam.

Examination difficulty: AEIS exam subjects include mathematics and English. In contrast, Chinese students have a good foundation in mathematics, but English learning needs to be emphasized.

Students who plan to take the AEIS exam this year should register as early as possible to avoid delays and to be fully prepared to pass the exam smoothly. It is recommended that students participate in relevant pre-test training before registering for the exam, which will greatly increase the success rate of passing the AEIS exam at one time.

AEIS exam



AEIS training courses

English: literacy

​Mathematics: calculation ability, logical thinking ability

Singapore government primary and secondary schools

Singapore Private School

Singapore International School

Give us a call:

6858 2687

Candidates who are interested in applying for registration and pre-test tuition can contact us:

Singapore New Knowledge Education

Service item: AEIS exam registration

AEIS pre-test English and mathematics course training and guidance

Service Hotline: (+65) 6858 2687

WeChat ID: inhomeeduhub


Address: 203 Hougang Street 21 #04-75,

Singapore 530203

AEIS exam registration instructions

Preparation of application materials:

Materials required by the candidate

1. Birth Certificate

2. Data Page of Passport

3. Deed Poll (if applicable)

4. Dependant's Pass (if applicable)

5. Immigration Exemption Order (if applicable)

6. Student's Pass (if applicable)

Materials required for the candidates’ parents

1. Data Page of Passport

2. Deed Poll (if applicable)

3. Singapore NRIC (if applicable)

4. Employment Pass / Work Permit (if applicable)

5. Singapore Re-entry Permit (if applicable)

Chinese candidates need to submit the following materials when registering for the AEIS exam:

1. A scanned copy of the applicant's birth certificate (both city and district notarization offices can be notarized). Bring the household registration book and ID card to the notary office where the household registration is located. It is recommended to call the notary office to ask clearly. The proof item: birth, The applicant’s photo is affixed on the notarization certificate);

2. A scanned copy of the applicant's passport data page (home page);

3. A scanned copy of the passport data page of the applicant's parents (first page), or one party can provide a passport and the other party can provide an ID card. It is recommended that both parents provide passports.

In addition, it should be noted that if parents want to modify the relevant information after registration, they need to bring all the registration materials to the Ministry of Education of Singapore to modify the information. They can be modified before the registration deadline, but they cannot be modified after the registration deadline.

Application materials

Submit application materials:

Candidates who sign up for the AEIS exam are required to submit copies of all application materials as early as possible before the registration deadline.

If the materials to be submitted are in Chinese, then you need to submit an additional document with an accurate translation in English.

The application materials submitted by candidates will not be returned.

Candidates who submit application materials late will not be allowed to take the AEIS exam.

Exam fee:

The AEIS exam application fee is SGD 672.00 (including consumption tax).

Once the examination fee is paid, it will not be refunded.

ways of registration:

a. Contact Xinzhijia Education: 6858 2687

b. Log in to the online registration system on the official website of the Ministry of Education of Singapore:

special attention items:

The AEIS exam fee is non-refundable . Therefore, it is especially reminded that the majority of candidates should carefully consider whether they meet the requirements of the AEIS exam before submitting the application for examination registration, and carefully read the candidates’ registration instructions and the admission process.

The AEIS exam is only open to international students who have not yet studied in a local government school in Singapore and intend to enter Singapore government primary schools in grades 2-5 or secondary schools in January of the following year.

The AEIS exam will not announce the results of the student's exam, and students need to log on to the official website of the Ministry of Education of Singapore (birthday and phone number). Admission will be based on candidates’ test scores and their residential addresses, as well as the vacancies of government schools. Candidates have no right to choose a school. At the same time, Singapore’s Ministry of Education does not accept candidates’ applications for school transfer.

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