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ABOUT O level test

Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level Examinations (English name Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level Examinations, GCE'O' Level) is a unified examination jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Education of Singapore and the Cambridge University Examinations Authority. Examination taken after the end of secondary education. The examination is held once a year, and the examination results are recognized and accepted by the countries of the Commonwealth. Candidates can use the scores obtained as a standard to apply for entry into Singapore junior colleges , polytechnics or technical education colleges, or junior colleges or university preparatory classes in overseas Commonwealth countries.

Because this exam is equivalent to the graduation exam for Singaporean secondary school students, speaking of the difficulty of the exam, for Chinese students who have received 9 years of education, Chinese is an existing advantage. As long as other subjects are relatively tutored, the English learning will be successful. The certainty is very high.

GCE'O'Level Recognition GCE'O'Level is currently the most widely used basic education system in the world. It has been adopted by education departments in 150 countries as a national education curriculum, and it is also the main body of Singapore's education system.

GCE'O'Level has the following advantages:  Rapid improvement of English proficiency, international recognition of academic performance in various subjects  Can be used to apply for immigration or study abroad  Highly recognized by Commonwealth countries  The educational system is highly flexible, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, and wide selection of courses.

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Frequently Asked Questions About O Level Examination

What is the O level exam?

Singapore O-Level Examination, also known as GCE'O' Level (Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level Examinations) is an examination jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Education of Singapore and the Cambridge Examinations Bureau of the United Kingdom. It is also an exam for Singapore secondary school students who have completed 4 years- After five years of middle school education, the exams are uniformly taken, so students can also be compared to our Chinese high school entrance examination. The examination will be held once a year, and the results of the examination will be recognized by all the Commonwealth countries.

What is the use of O-level exams?

After obtaining the results, candidates can apply for Singapore Junior College (JC), Polytechnic (Poly), Institute of Technical Education (ITE), or to study in junior colleges or pre-university courses in other Commonwealth countries overseas.

After 15% of middle school students pass the O-level examination and enter junior college or high school, they can take the A-level examination after two to three years of study and enter the Singapore Government University.

Most of the secondary school students graduated from the O-level examinations and entered the five government polytechnics. After completing the three-year course, they can work and find employment in Singapore. Students who have obtained excellent results in polytechnics have the opportunity to continue their studies in government universities. Since 2006, polytechnic colleges have given 5% of the quota to students with special skills each year.

There are also 15% of middle school students with O-level scores to study in the Institute of Technical Education, and after graduation, they can join the work or study in the Polytechnic Institute.

What exactly does the O level test take?

O-level test papers are all in English, and candidates should answer in English. There are a total of 12 examination subjects and seven courses, including business, Chinese, basic mathematics, advanced mathematics, computer, accounting, chemistry and physics. Among them, English and Mathematics are required subjects.

[Percentage of exam subjects]

English and Chinese: written test accounts for 70%, oral test accounts for 20%, listening test accounts for 10%

Science: 85% of written examinations and 15% of experiments

Mathematics, advanced mathematics and accounting: 100% of the written test

1. The score requirements for applying for the Singapore Polytechnic through O level:

English + the best scores in other 4 subjects.

2. The score requirements for applying for Singapore Junior College through O level:

English/Advanced Chinese + Elementary Mathematics/Advanced Mathematics + Humanities + the best scores in 3 other subjects.

How are the scores calculated for the O level test?

The total score of the O level is the sum of the numbers of the grades of each subject, so the smaller the total score, the better.

The O-level examination adopts a 9-point system, divided into A1, A2, B3, B4, C5, C6, D7, D8, E9,

The smaller the score, the better! And the best result of A1. Among them, English score is a threshold for many Chinese students. The unified test English must be at least D7 or less, and the total score is less than 18 to have the chance to be admitted to the Institute of Technology. Students who have achieved a C6 or lower in the English Unified Test and a total score of 15 or less have the opportunity to be admitted to 14 government junior colleges (pre-university courses).

So no matter how good your other grades are, you must pass the English test first. Of course, if the English is not strong enough, you can take a language course now.

How is the exam time arranged?

  • Registration starts in March every year, and exams from June to November every year;

  • The Chinese written test will be held in May;

  • English (oral test) and Chinese (listening and oral test) will be held from July to August;

  • English listening and all written tests are held from October to November;

  • The results will be announced around January of the following year.

  • The test fee is approximately: 30-90 SGD per course.

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