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Study in Singapore

Based in Singapore, looking at global education

Study in Singapore

Based in Singapore, looking at global education

Xinzhijia Study Abroad provides a full range of services for studying abroad in Singapore, and has a deep understanding of the hidden dangers that may exist in the process of studying in Singapore. It comprehensively analyzes the Singapore study abroad program, as well as the problems of study and life after arriving in Singapore.



Starting from the actual situation of each consultant, combined with my intentions, give the most reasonable suggestions and formulate the most suitable plan. This caring service model fundamentally eliminates common problems such as "information does not match the reality", "wasting time in choosing the wrong course", "easy to enter the school and difficult to graduate", and "graduation diploma does not meet the needs of future development".


One-stop service

The one-stop service from consulting school to formal application, including pre-departure preparation, dormitory reservation and airport pick-up, saves you worry and effort. Xinzhijia is committed to long-term education planning. Even if you have any questions or uncertainties about studying abroad in Singapore after arriving in Singapore, Xinzhijia consultants will answer your questions.


High success rate

Xinzhijia Study Abroad is headquartered in Singapore and has established good relationships with many schools accredited by the Singapore government. Real-time understanding of the issuance and changes of government policies, familiar with the requirements of school applications and visa applications, and help you pass the application at one time.


contact us

+65 8869 4022 / 8189 7956 / 8942 2627

WeChat: inhomeeduhub / inhomeedu1/zhongxinlxcn

Kovan HQ

203 Hougang Street 21 #04-75, Singapore 530203​

Bugis Branch

112 middle road #06-04 Midland House Singapore 188970

Tampines Branch

Telepark, 5 Tampines Central 6, #01-06, Singapore 529482

Bedok Branch

209 New Upper Changi Road, #03-643, Singapore 460209

Tiong Bahru Branch

:298 Tiong Bahru Road, #02-145, Central Plaza, Singapore 168730

Choa Chukang Branch

Choa Chu Kang Centre, 309 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, #04-04, Singapore 680309


Study abroad service items:

One. Singapore kindergarten

  • Apply for Singapore kindergartens (government kindergartens, international kindergartens, private kindergartens)

  • Apply for student ID

  • Accompanying study permit

two. Singapore Government School

  • Tailor-made plans for studying in government primary schools, secondary schools and junior colleges

  • Singapore Preparatory School, Cambridge International Primary and Secondary School, Mission School and International School.

  • Singapore Public University, Polytechnic Institute (Poly) and Singapore Government Higher Education Institution.​

three. Singapore Private University

  • Popular Majors

  • High employment rate

  • Educational Enhancement

four. Singapore International School

  • Make an appointment to visit the school

  • Apply for school

  • ​Apply for student ID and accompanying student ID

Fives. Singapore to Britain, America, Australia and Canada

  • O level/IGCSE transfer

  • IB/A level transfer students

  • Government Polytechnic/Private College

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