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Singapore Study Abroad Consultation
and Education

​14年品牌 | 专业师资 | 高通过率 | 保证进步 | 独家课程 | 高效学习方法

INHOME EDUHUB PTE. LTD. was founded in 2010 as a Singapore ACRA certification company. It focuses on educational consultation and tuition in Singapore and is committed to building a trusted service platform for overseas education in Singapore. our services:

    Singapore Government Primary and Secondary School Entrance Examination and Supplementary Examination

     All-round one-stop service

     Tailor-made study abroad program

     Direct access to Singapore and world

      -renowned schools


Why choose us

Singapore's local brand has been deeply cultivated in the teaching and training of foreign students in Singapore for more than ten years. Has successfully helped many students to enter Singapore government primary and secondary schools, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore National and Nanyang Technological University and other local public universities, as well as world-class top universities in other countries, such as Harvard University, University College London, Imperial College London, University of Toronto, Australian National University University, University of Sydney, etc. We have professional teacher resources, have been engaged in the education and training industry for many years and have rich experience.

Decade brand

Professional teachers

High pass rate

Our advantage

After many years of teaching and examination experience and survey feedback from previous candidates, we have gradually analyzed and integrated a learning method that is more suitable for international students. In response to the problems faced by most international students, such as the relatively weak foundation, and the need to master all test sites within a limited time, improve scores, and respond to the test; we have designed a set of targeted training courses and effective learning methods to help International students break through the learning bottleneck, build learning confidence, actively prepare for exams, and ensure student performance improvement!

Exclusive course arrangement

Efficient learning method

Guaranteed progress

Our courses


O Level/A Level Examination

IB International School Entrance Exam

AEIS examination-Singapore government unified entrance examination for primary and secondary schools, every September examinations, if admitted, direct enrollment in January of the following year.

The S-AEIS exam is a supplementary exam of AEIS or a transfer exam for government primary and secondary schools. It takes the exam in February every year and the admission result is given in April. If you are admitted, you can directly transfer to the class in the same month.

O- level and A- level examinations-Singapore National Examination, a pass to the world's prestigious schools. You can apply for Singapore Polytechnic, Junior Colleges and world-renowned schools, and apply for passing the IB exam.


“在补习班这几年帮助真的很大,特别是在Sec4最后这一年, 我的每科都有很大的进步 英语能说、写的更流畅; 化学和数学也从之前的刚及格提升到了A。现在也成功申请上了新加坡理工!老师们上课都很有趣,会在学习的同时也很开心!上课讲的内容以及课下的练习都很有帮助,让我的成绩有了很大的提升!”






因为小孩基础弱弱所以同时在两家中心补习,我就能有对比 ,之后还换过一家补习中心。不管另一家中心怎么换,新知家补习一直在铁打的新知家地位稳稳

小孩四月放榜考上政府小学,感谢各位老师 尽心尽力的根据小孩的各项水平,实时评估实时调整方案,有针对性的辅导。

新知家就像这个“家”字 亲切温暖,朴实无华实实在在像家人亲人一样为小孩的成长进步诚心付出。

-Shi ZH 妈妈

“这次顺利通过aeis考试真的很激动!! 刚开准备的时候只想着重在参与,因为确实还差很多,但是后来在和老师上课,慢慢地找到了学习的方法。所以就狠下心来一步步打好基础。背的素材和文章真的是很多,当然也非常有成效的。我在逐渐积累中找到了语感和套路。老师对我的帮助还是相当多的,特感谢老师的耐心教导。”

- momo

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